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Hong-Kong Startup Booqed Is Exploring Options to Enter the Australian Market

7 Nov

By Shaistha Khan, The Tech Portal

Hong-Kong startup Booqed, is exploring a number of options to enter the Australian marketplace— including listing on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) or undertaking a venture capital financing. (more…)

UK-based AI Startup ‘Luminance’ Acquires $3 Mn in Fresh Investments

29 Sep

By Disha Manocha, The Tech Portal

Luminance, the brainchild of a group of lawyers and mathematicians, and based on R&D at the University of Cambridge, leverages machine learning to transform the legal due diligence process. This artificial intelligence startup has now acquired $3 million in an investment by Invoke Capital, a tech investment vehicle founded by Mike Lynch, for the very same tech. (more…)

‘Fynd’ — A Way to Service and Repair Gadgets at Your Preferred Location

12 Sep

By Bhargavi Rathi, The Tech Portal

Gone are the days when you needed a day off or a free evening just to get your phone repaired! Enter Singapore startup Fynd, which gets your gadgets quickly fixed in the comfort of your home. (more…)

IBM to Launch Taiwan-based Client Innovation Center for Taiwan’s Emerging Industries

9 Sep

IBM seems to be playing a less crucial role in the Internet industry these days, and its market presence has been fading ever since it sold its hardware business. However, there is still a chance for the company’s future business to improve with the launch of its Taiwan-based Client Innovation Center, which is set to recruit more than 100 of the industry’s technology professionals, including programmers, user experience designers, and system architects. (more…)

Intel Acquires Computer Vision Chipmaker Movidius to Further Build Out Its RealSense Platform

8 Sep

To boost its computer vision capabilities and further augment RealSense platform’s development strategy, premier chipmaker Intel Technologies has acquired computer vision startup Movidius for an undisclosed amount. (more…)

Unilever Acquires Mens Grooming Product Startup Dollar Shave Club for $1 Billion

22 Jul

By Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

Over the past couple of years, investors and companies have become wary of e-commerce startups, both around the world and back home in India. However, that has not deterred Unilever from reportedly spending a massive $1 billion in cash to buy men’s grooming startup Dollar Shave Club. (more…)

Opera’s $1.2B Acquisition Deal Falls Through, Sells Browser Operations to Chinese Consortium for $600M

20 Jul

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

After seeing a faltering financial situation in the previous quarter, Norwegian browser company Opera was out seeking buyers for a proposed acquisition. The company had even received an offer of $1.2 billion from Golden Brick Silk Road, a Chinese investment fund and consortium of popular Chinese internet companies. (more…)

Thailand Is Ready to Challenge Singapore and Indonesia with Its Growing Startup Ecosystem

4 Jul

By Kajal Joshi, The Tech Portal

Thailand’s startup ecosystem has seen various ups and downs in the past few years, but one look at figures revealed by news portal Techsauce will leave you astonished! In last four years, the wonder nation has seen 29 times growth of tech investments. Mind-boggling, isn’t it? (more…)

SEBI Wants to Allow e-Commerce Firms to Sell Online Mutual Funds

28 Jun

By Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

In the age of digitization where people are increasingly gravitating towards online mediums to meet their needs, financial services still remain exclusive to professionals. A primary cause for that, is government hurdles and complicated norms. That might soon change though. (more…)

Vehicle Maintenance Startup MotoMojo Secures Seed Round From Founders Of Ventes Avenues

3 May

By  Jeet Suthar, The Tech Portal

MotoMojo, a mobile app based vehicle maintenance startup, has raised an undisclosed amount of funding in the seed round from the founders of Ventes Avenues. (more…)