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Taiwanese IC Firms Should Record Strong Sales This Year: IC Insights

21 Nov

In a new report, research firm IC Insights forecasts Taiwan’s top IC firms will record strong annual sales growth this year. MediaTek’s sales are expected to increase 29% to US$8.61 billion, while TSMC’s sales should rise 11% to US$29.32 billion. UMC’s sales, meanwhile, are expected to stay relatively flat at US$4.46 billion. (more…)

Uber’s Open Letter to Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen Avoids Taxation Issues

21 Nov

Uber is resisted by countries across the world as each government set rules to limit Uber’s operation. Transport authorities asked Apple Inc. and Alphabe Inc’s Google to pull Uber app in Taiwan from app stores. In response to the government’s act, Uber published an open letter to President Tsai Ing-wen, to legalize carsharing and turning Taiwan into an innovation-friendly environment. (more…)

IBM Helps Taiwan CDC Create Predictive Model to Simulate Effects of Using Wolbachia-infected Mosquitoes for Dengue Prevention

16 Nov

Data-driven decision making has become a trend for enterprises today, and there is no exception for government agencies. On November 11, Taiwan CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and IBM Health Corps unveiled the result of a collaborative pro bono program which focused on the research of dengue fever, a critical problem in southern Taiwan every summer. (more…)

Taiwan’s Q3 GDP Up 2.06 Percent, Highest since Q1 2015

1 Nov

Taiwan’s gross domestic product (GDP) rose 2.06 percent in the third quarter compared with the same period in 2015, according to the Cabinet’s Directorate General of Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS) on Oct. 28. (more…)

Dekra Creates Account for IoT Components Test in Linkou, Taiwan

17 Oct

Dekra has been active in the field of automotive safety for more than 90 years. Taking advantage of Taiwan’s crucial position in the IoT supply chain, the company established facilities for IoT- related components in Linkou. (more…)

Ang Lee’s ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’to Be Screened in 3D in One of Taiwan Cinemas

8 Oct

Ang Lee’s new film ‘Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk’ has pushed the limits of filmmaking technology to a new edge with its use of a revolutionary format (3D 4K 120 FPS) that can only be viewed at a few select cinemas. A list of these specially equipped cinemas has been leaked recently as the film’s official premiere draws near. One of them is Taipei’s VIESHOW Cinema, which spent nearly NTD$ 30 million to upgrade its equipment for the screening. (more…)

Taiwan’s IT Industry Shows Sign of Recovery in August: Nikkei

23 Sep

Sales of 19 major Taiwanese IT companies in August showed an increase of 5 percent year-on-year, a sign of recovery, according to Japan’s Nikkei. (more…)

First MediaTek-Powered Smartphone Introduced by Sprint

19 Sep

The first MediaTek-enabled smartphone for Sprint launched today, breaking new ground for MediaTek in the U.S. market. This marks MediaTek’s first premium chipset offered in a device on a major U.S. carrier network. (more…)

Acer Founder Urges Taiwan to Embrace ‘Smart Cities’

16 Sep

At a seminar this week on smart cities hosted by ITRI, Acer founder Stan Shih suggested Taiwan should boost the development of smart cities through a cooperation mechanism involving the public sector and private sector. Shih called for the government and private companies to pool together their resources to successfully develop smart cities. (more…)

Google Extends New FASTER Undersea Cable Network to Taiwan, for Speedier Internet Connectivity

8 Sep

By  Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

After flipping the switch and connecting its first two major countries via the ‘FASTER’ undersea cable network a couple months ago, Google is now extending the service to another major region in Asia. The populous in Taiwan can now experience speedier connectivity to Google services in their region. (more…)