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TSMC Will Reportedly Start Taking 7nm Orders in April 2017

29 Sep

The development of Taiwanese leading foundry TSMC’s 7nm manufacturing process appears to be advancing rapidly, as the company is now rumored to be preparing for the mass production of its first 7nm chips in Q1 of 2018, which is three years ahead of Intel Corporation’s 7nm production schedule. The latest update also shows that the company is considering taking orders as early as April of 2017. (more…)

TSMC Projects Strong Annual Growth of 10% in Sales Revenue

10 Sep

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), a leading Taiwanese independent semiconductor foundry, reported an overall upward trend in sales revenue in the second half of 2016. (more…)

TSMC Will Kick Off Mass Production with 7nm Process in 2018

8 Sep

In the next five years, TSMC will derive its revenue from four major sources, namely smartphone, high-performance computing, IoT, and autotronics, with smartphone accounting for 50% of its 2020 revenue, followed by high-performance computing with 25%, and IoT and autotronics with the remaining 25% together, said Wang Yao-tung, senior director of the IoT department of TSMC, on Sept. 7. (more…)

Will TSMC’s Revenue Increase 10% This Year?

8 Sep

On Wednesday, TSMC’s co-chief executive officer Mark Liu said during an industry trade show that the chip-making giant’s revenue is likely to grow 10% this year on the back of resilient smartphone demand. That represents a more bullish forecast than an earlier projection made in the first half of the year. Then, TSMC said its revenue would grow between 5 and 10%. (more…)

Renesas, TSMC Team Up to Develop 28-nm MCUs

5 Sep

Renesas and TSMC recently announced they are working together to develop 28nm MCUs. Renesas and TSMC are teaming up to manufacture automotive MCUs for applications such as autonomous vehicle sensor control, coordinated control among electronic control units (ECUs), fuel-efficient engine control for green vehicles, and motor inverter control for electric vehicles. (more…)

IC Insights: TSMC Will Remain on Top in 2016

31 Aug

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC), the world’s No.1 contract chipmaker, will have a 58 percent share of the global pure-play wafer foundry operating market this year as it retains the top position in that sector, according to a new report by research firm IC Insights. IC forecasts TSMC will post US$28.57 billion in sales for 2016, up 8 percent on an annual basis. Still, TSMC’s market share may fall one percentage point year on year. (more…)

TSMC Board Approves a NTD$ 122.4 Billion Capex Budget for Advanced Manufacturing Processes

3 Aug

Wafer manufacturer TSMC announced on July 2nd that its board of directors has approved the budget of NTD$ 122.4 billion designated for expanding capacities of advanced manufacturing processes and for converting some of its logic IC capacities to special manufacturing processes. (more…)

TSMC Boosts Capital Spending to Meet Handset Demand

15 Jul

Due to higher-than-expected demand for handsets, TSMC will raise its capital spending, the company announced Thursday. TSMC will spend between US$9.5 billion and US$10.5 billion this year, up 5 percent from an estimate made in April. According to The Taipei Times, the capital spending increase will be deployed for 10-nanometer [nm] and 7nm [technologies]. (more…)

TSMC Market Cap Makes National Record Again, June Revenue Third Highest in History

13 Jul

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) on July 12 saw its share price rise to NT$171 (US$5.31), pushing up its market capitalization to NT$4.43 trillion, the highest for any company listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. (more…)

TSMC Will Raise R&D Capex to Prepare for 7nm Wafer Mass Production in 2017

13 Jul

In order to thrive in the competition over the 7 nm wafer manufacturing process and maintain a leading position among semiconductor OEMs, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is anticipated to announce in the institutional investors’ conference on July 14th that the company will be undergoing a major scale-up in terms of research and development, capital expenditure, and recruitment. (more…)