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【Computex 2014】 Windows Platform Making Respectable Progress, Says Company

5 Jun

Microsoft’s OEM Vice President, Nick Parker, showed up at a presentation at Computex 2014 to discuss the future of the company’s operating system as well as the progress of its various mobile device projects. (more…)

Acer Not Willing to Invest in Windows Phones Yet

4 Mar

Windows 8 may be gaining more and more traction among smartphone and tablet users, but not every company is convinced that they should jump onto the platform immediately. (more…)

Nokia Might Be Again a Little too Late; Launching first Windows-based Nokia phones in 2012

23 Mar


(Photo Source: GSMArena; Windows-based Nokia phone is still a concept only)

Windows-based Nokia phones will be on sale in 2012, although CEO Steven Elop aims to produce a Windows phone by the end of this year. Elop commented on the reason not to cooperate with Google, he said it would be hard to differentiate themselves from the huge amount of Android Smartphones available on the market. (more…)