Google Nest Begins Taking Pre-Orders in Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain

19 Jan 6

By Rohit Singh Jain, The Tech Portal

Whenever smart homes are talked about, Alphabet’s Nest brand manages to sneak its way into the conversation — mainly due to it’s moderately successful thermostat, and more recently, due to the new devices its been launching. Now, years after being acquired by Google for $3.2 billion ( the acquisition occurred in 2014), Nest Labs is selling thermostats, camera and smoke alarm products in four more countries in Europe — Germany, Austria, Italy and Spain. Continue reading 

Alibaba Forms Alliance with Samsung, Louis Vuitton and Others to Combat Counterfeit Goods

19 Jan alibaba

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

On 4th of January, Chinese e-commerce titan Alibaba sued two vendors for selling fake Swavrovski watches, and since then, they ramped up their attempts  to combat counterfeit goods. Their brand new partnership with 20 new companies is first step in the process. Continue reading 

Apple Music to Get Original Content, Confirms Executive Jimmy Lovine

19 Jan apple-newest-tech-portal-e1439821309618

By Rohit Singh Jain, The Tech Portal

Apple fans just got a new reason to rejoice. Apple Music head Jimmy Iovine has confirmed that Apple is looking to provide its users with curated and original audio and video content. The company is aggressively looking to make a move in the direction and is working hard to create original content that can be provided to its users so as to create a complete suite of original Apple products and services. Continue reading 

China’s Third-Party Payment Industry to Take a Huge Hit as Its RMB 500 Billion Client Reserve Funds Will Be Placed Under Centralized Management This April, Says TrendForce

19 Jan Third-Party-Payment

Starting in April 2017, third-party payment providers in China will have to put their client reserve funds under centralized management of People’s Bank of China (PBoC). This policy is expected to have a heavy impact on major domestic payment providers including Alibaba and Tencent as it prevents them from using the reserve funds to generate interest income or grow their businesses. According to market research firm TrendForce, the total amount of reserve funds that will transfer from third-party payment providers to the control of the Chinese government is estimated around RMB 500 billion. Continue reading 

TechNews Daily 2017.01.19

19 Jan Hynix_2Gb_DDR2_DRAM11

The smartest watches are still mechanical
The Verge
There was a little moment during this month’s Consumer Electronics Show where I discovered that I was surrounded by colleagues wearing regular, old school mechanical watches. Continue reading 

Samsung’s Exynos Processors Selected to Revolutionize Audi’s Next-Generation In-Vehicle Infotainment

18 Jan samsung-624x468

Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., advanced in semiconductor technology, today announced its participation in the Audi Progressive SemiConductor Program (PSCP) as a partner supplier of Exynos processors, its own System-on-Chip (SoC) solution, for Audi’s In Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) system. Continue reading 

Baidu Launches a Brand New Augumented Reality Lab in Beijing

18 Jan baidu-image-e1450107108325-768x384

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

China’s leading Internet company Baidu launched an augmented reality (AR) lab in Beijing on Monday. The lab is being looked at as an attempt to rejuvenate and pick up the company’s declining profit rates with a dose of the newest technology. The project is a part of a venture which costs $200 million. Continue reading 

Apple May Release a 15-inch Macbook Pro with a Massive 32-GB RAM, Near the Year End

18 Jan apple-newest-tech-portal-e1439821309618

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

As per a report from AppleInsider that cites famed KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple may release a RAM loaded version of the 15-inch Macbook Pro. The system could pack as much as 32-GB of RAM and could hit the markets near the end of the year. Continue reading 

Google’s Recent Patent Reveals More of the Company’s Autonomous Cab Ambitions

18 Jan google-self-driving-car-tp-new-1320x990

By Mudit Mohilay,  The Tech Portal

If you can put aside the Google Glasses you were never able to put on for a second, Google has succeeded in almost every major field it ventured in. Its website is basically how most of us were introduced to the web, its mobile platform Android, is how a majority of the world interacts with their smartphones — and so on and so forth. Well, the company is now readying to venture into the cab aggregation business and a recent patent filing reveals just how Google may be hoping to take on the already established players in the field. Continue reading 

China Rapidly Develops Semiconductor Foundries with More than US $10 Bn Expenditure in 2018

18 Jan shutterstock_257108815-624x414

In the recent years, China government proactively raises Chinese domestic semiconductor industry with stunning capital budgets. According to reports of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI), Chinese semiconductor industry in 2018 will spend on foundries more than US$10 billion. Continue reading