Self-Emitting Quantum Dot TVs Will Appear on Market After 2020 When Major Technology Issues Are Expected to Have Been Addressed, Says TrendForce

22 Mar SS-CES2017-QLEDTV-2-624x416

Samsung at this year’s CES officially changed the name of its high-end TV lineup from “SUHD” to “QLED,” thus creating market interest on the development of the Quantum Dot (QD) display. Continue reading 

Sony Silently Launches Entry-Level Smartphone ‘Xperia L1’, Will Go on Sale in Late April

22 Mar xperia-l1-black-990x401

After launching its premium line-up of smartphones under XZ series at MWC this year, Sony has now launched a new smartphone — Xperia L1. Interestingly, this one is an entry-level smartphone, the market segment which Sony has not looked upon in a very long time. Continue reading 

Phononic Brings High-Performance Electronics Cooling to Asia Pacific

22 Mar TEM_high_res

Phononic, the company revolutionizing cooling and heating with solid-state technology, has announced it is has expanded its global footprint within the Asia Pacific region with the opening of a sales office in Taiwan, the hiring of an Asia Pacific Regional manager and a strategic partnership with Photonteck Company Limited. Continue reading 

Seeka TV Launches Public Beta

22 Mar Screen_Shot_-_Home

The team of entrepreneurs including co-founders of the Dell acquisition Enstratius has announced at SXSW in Austin the public availability of their new online streaming platform, Seeka TV. Seeka TV is the first of a new generation of online platforms that serve both content creators and viewers. Continue reading 

Meet Bixby, Samsung’s Brand New Voice-Powered Virtual Assistant

22 Mar samsung-e1480409515573

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Apple has one, Microsoft has one, even as Google as one. However, the world’s largest smart manufacturer Samsung has been somewhat lacking in this regard. Not any longer though. The company is upping its antics and has announced a brand new intelligent interface called Bixby.  Continue reading 

Apple Is About to Give Augmented Reality a Push with a Dedicated Team

22 Mar id-2959634-img_20140919_142836-100602267-orig

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Augmented Reality is the next big Apple. And you can bet that Apple is taking some serious interest in the same. As per a brand new Bloomberg report, the company is working on augmented reality features for the iPhone. The company also has a new device called “Glasses” within its sights, which could then be paired with your smartphone. Continue reading 

Xiaomi on Smart Lighting: Connect Yeelight LED Bulbs to Wi-Fi Network For Personal Lighting

21 Mar 1490074460_29742

Xiaomi has made its brand known in the technology industry with a multitude of products for applications over mobile phones and laptops to IoT technology and connected electronics. It would not sound as a surprise at all now Xiaomi launches its smart lighting products–Yeelight LED bulbs. In terms of personal wireless LED lighting, Xiaomi claims Yeelight LED bulb offers same quality as that of Philips Hue with more competitive CPI. The light is priced at USD 20 and is even available at discount prices on online shops such as GearBest. Continue reading 

Super Mario Run Is Officially Coming to Android on March 23

21 Mar super-mario-run-990x557

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Yes, it official now! Your favorite plumber is coming to your Android smartphone! This morning Nintendo Americatweeted that their first-ever gaming phenomenon ‘Super Mario Run’ will be making its debut on Android next week. The game was initially released only on iOS back in mid-December but is coming to the Google Play Store on March 23. Continue reading 

Invensas Wins IPR Proceeding Against Broadcom

21 Mar tech image

Xperi Corporation has announced that the U.S. Patent Office Patent Trial and Appeal Board (“PTAB”) denied a petition for Inter Partes Review (“IPR”) of U.S. Patent No. 6,849,946 (the “‘946 Patent”) filed by Broadcom Ltd., Broadcom Corp., Avago Technologies Ltd., and Avago Technologies U.S., Inc. (collectively, “Broadcom”). The patent is owned by the Company’s subsidiary, Invensas Corporation (“Invensas”). Continue reading 

Readly Launches Enhanced Mobile Reading for US Magazines

21 Mar Readly

Readly, a company that’s changed how people discover and read magazines all over the world, recently introduced a new enhanced viewing option on smaller screens for US customers. This new feature enlarges the text size with all reading content in one column, making text-heavy articles a lot easier to read on small devices. Continue reading