Softbank Could Cede Control over Sprint to Get T-Mobile to Go along with a Merger

21 Feb softbank-logo (2)

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Japanese conglomerate Softbank is apparently ready to give up control over Sprint, so as to induce Deutsche Telekom’s T-Mobile to seriously consider a merger. The information comes from Reuters, which cites sources close to the matter. Continue reading 

Snap Takes Potshots at Facebook in a Video Meant to Impress Potential Investors

20 Feb snapchat-1360003_1280-990x594

By Mudit Mohilay,  The Tech Portal

Snap is nearing its IPO. And as the clock ticks, it is doing its best to impress investors into placing their bets on it. The company is expected to go public sometime in March, and as part of its drive to encourage investors, has released a brand new video. The video, while talking about everything that is great in Snapchat, also takes a few digs at competitor Facebook. Continue reading 

Mobileye Fixes 4,500 New York City Cars with Collision Avoidance Technology

20 Feb 89-990x479

By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Autonomous cars are a field that has generated a huge amount of attention from late, from the public yes, but more importantly, from every other tech corporation as well. Continue reading 

Philips’ Recent Acquisition of Luciom Could Reveal Its Ambition To Pioneer Li-Fi Developmen

20 Feb 1487515701_38046

While the public fixed their eyes on Osram’s deal with the Chinese consortium, another acquisition secretly took place in Europe. Philips, the Dutch lighting giant recently focusing on healthcare technology, last year privately bought Luciom and relocated it from France to Eindhoven, Netherland, reported LEDs Magazine. Continue reading 

CES Asia 2017 on Track to Be Record Breaking Show

20 Feb CES Asia logo

The Consumer Technology Association (CTA) has announced that CES Asia 2017 is set for another showstopping, record smashing year. Continue reading 

3-D Camera Maker TetraVue Raises $10 Million from Samsung, Foxconn and Others

20 Feb 86-990x526

By Aditya Srivastava, The Tech Portal

TetraVue, the company which has set forth to upgrade self-driving cars with ultra high resolution 3-D cameras and optics, has announced that it is raising an impressive $10 million from  Foxconn, Nautilus Venture Partners, Robert Bosch Venture Capital and Samsung Catalyst Fund. Continue reading 

Toshiba the Winner of 63rd Okochi Memorial Grand Technology Prize

20 Feb toshiba logo

Toshiba Corporation’s recent work at the cutting-edge semiconductor technology has been recognized with the award of 63rd Okochi Memorial Grand Technology Prize, Japan’s most prestigious award in industrial technology. Continue reading 

Apple Patents Fingerprint-Reading Touchscreen without Sensor

18 Feb apple-newest-tech-portal-e1439821309618
First revealed by AppleInsider, Apple has been awarded a US patent on Tuesday, suggesting that the company is exploring display technology that embeds Micro LEDs and an IR diode to read users’ fingerprints without a dedicated Touch ID sensor. This new design feature may shed lights on its iPhone 8.

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Rumors: Samsung Supplies 160 Million OLED Displays to Apple

18 Feb apple-iphone-1320x726

There have been rumors that Apple will switch to OLED screen for its iPhone 8. Continue reading 

HexaTech and OSRAM Announce Strategic Relationship

18 Feb OSRAM-Opto-Semiconductors_3-624x428
HexaTech Inc. announced today the signing of two strategic agreements with OSRAM Opto Semiconductors GmbH, of Regensburg, Germany.

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