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Intel May Receive iPhone Orders: Northland Capital Markets

15 Aug

U.S. investment firm Northland Capital Markets said in a recent report that Intel may receive half the orders for modems in the new iPhone, a deal that will likely generate up to US$1.25 billion in revenue for Intel. (more…)

Intel To Assist Microsoft In Solving A Windows 10 Bug Which Speeds Up Battery Drain

26 Jul

News source:  Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

With Windows 10 just across the horizon, we’ve been getting news after news about newer developments in the upcoming multi-platformed operating system. However, just a while ago there were news about a bug in the new OS that drains the battery of devices powered by it by factors of up to 10 percent. (more…)

Intel to lay off 20 percent of staff in mobile division in Taiwan

13 Jun

Global semiconductor leader Intel lowered its sales forecast for 2015 on the gloomy PC market and reportedly planned job cuts to reduce operating costs. The mobile division of Intel Taiwan was said to have been told by the company on June 8 to let go of 20 percent of its staff. (more…)

Intel takes center stage at CES ASIA 2015

27 May

The first CES Asia opened May 25 in Shanghai and attracted over 200 providers around the world to discuss the issues of future consumer electronics market, robots, the Internet of Things (IoT), wearable devices, smart living and medicine. It was the first time for the Consumer Electronics Association to organize a CES in Asia. Compared to the CES in Las Vegas, CES Asia focuses more on industry trend rather than new product releases. (more…)

Huawei, Intel deepen ties

6 Mar

Huawei Technologies and Intel Corp are beefing up an existing alliance to provide cloud computing to global telecoms carriers as U.S and other Western technology firms struggle to cope with a China that is growing suspicious of foreign technology. (more…)

Intel is gearing up to standardise Stylus across multiple devices

25 Jan

News source: Kawan Tiwari, The Tech Portal

Intel has been aggressively pushing into wearables and smartphones. It partnered with Google Glass for a grand entry into the wearable segment, and allied with Lenovo to get a share of the Qualcomm dominated smartphone chip segment. (more…)

Intel Said to Get Spreadtrum Shares for US$1.5 Billion

27 Aug

Intel, which was previously urged to acquire Taiwan’s MediaTek to beef up the growth of its mobile chip business, is rumored to spend US$1.5 billion to purchase 20 percent of Spreadtrum shares, according to Weibo user 52RD. A couple of analysts confirmed the information, while some revealed that Intel’s investment included authorizing Spreadtrum its Core CPU. (more…)

2014 Semiconductor Capital Spending Forecast

14 Jul

The recovery of the entire semiconductor industry has prompted global semiconductor manufacturing giants such as Samsung, Intel, TSMC, and UMC to raise their capital expenditures and to intensify their technological migration efforts. The IC packaging and testing manufacturing companies, including ASE Group and SPIL, soon followed suit, making similar efforts to increase their 2014 capital spending. (more…)

Intel Likely to Seize the 14nm Market, Announces Partnership with Panasonic

8 Jul

Intel has recently announced that it has secured a manufacturing agreement with Japan’s electronic device manufacturer, Panasonic. In the coming periods, the Japanese company’s LSI Business Division will be using the US chip maker’s 14nm system-on-chip (SoC) solutions in its general consumer products, and may begin to apply them to various of its high-definition audio and visual equipment as early as this year. (more…)

Intel Estimates 40 million Units in Tablet Chip Shipments in 2014

24 Jun

Intel has not operated well in the mobile market over the recent years. Since 2013, the company has gradually placed its focus in Shenzhen and worked with minor brand vendors, with an aim of duplicating its success in Taiwan’s personal-computer sector in the tablet-computer market. (more…)