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Microsoft Rolls Out Its ‘Word Flow’ Keyboard App For iOS Users

27 Apr

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Microsoft is today announcing, a new addition to its long list of productivity apps, the ‘Word Flow’ keyboard. After spending weeks in Beta, the Word Flow keyboard is finally available to download on iOS, and is touted to be one of the fastest keyboards available on the market. So much so for the fast typing, that even the world record for the fastest typing has been completed on Word Flow. (more…)

Google And Microsoft Settle Patent Infringement Feuds, Agree To Not File Future Cases With Regulators

25 Apr

By Anmol Sachdeva, The Tech Portal

Microsoft and Google have finally decided to call it quits on their long-lasting patent feud, that had been eating away both of theirs time and money. Reuters reports that the two tech behemoths have settled about 18 cases in the United States and Germany, including those pertaining to Motorola Mobility, which Google Inc. sold to Lenovo Corp. about an year ago.  (more…)

For devices under 9 inches, Microsoft to waive Windows royalty fee

3 Jun

Microsoft Corp. confirmed Wednesday at Computex that it will scrap the manufacturer’s royalty fee for its Windows 10 operating system for devices below 9 inches in size, Taiwan’s Central News Agency reported. (more…)

Microsoft’s Salesforce Acquisition Talks Ended On Price Issues, says CNBC

26 May

News source: Vishal Srivastava, The Tech Portal

What could have been one of the most valuable and significant tech acquisitions of current times isn’t happening anytime soon as per CNBC’s exclusive reports. The “significant talks” held in spring between Microsoft and San Fran-based cloud major Salesforce, have reached a dead end on price issues. (more…)

Will Microsoft’s Windows 8 Tablet Devise Break Any New Ground?

19 Jun

Trendinsider try to figure out Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 8 tablet devise. Branded as “Microsoft Surface,” the company’s first line of tablet product will reportedly arrive with two separate operating systems to choose from; one can either opt for the Windows RT model with the ARM CPU, or simply choose to go with the Windows 8 Pro model, which will feature the Intel CPU. Both tablet models, internal specifications aside, will feature a 10.6-inch screen, and will be equipped with an intuitive touch screen cover designed to function as a “multi-touch” keyboard.

With Microsoft deciding to release the Surface tablet under its own brand, speculations regarding the company’s future status are already rising. Traditionally, the Windows platform has functioned as a leeway for third party companies to develop their own brand of products, including external accessories, internal software, or hardware and gaming devices. With the advent of products like Surface, it is believed that the company’s role will likely expand beyond merely monitoring third party product compatibility and standards.

Many have gone as far as to speculate that Microsoft, like Apple, will begin operating its own chain of multinational retail stores that feature Surface tablets the same way Apple stores showcase their newly released iPads.

Considering that Microsoft has had a history of partnering with external parties like Acer, Asus, and Samsung, and given how it has granted them such leverages as the authorization to use the Windows platform, one other major point of speculation concerns how Microsoft’s relationship with these companies, upon Surface’s release, will be impacted. Microsoft’s changing position in the market, the pricing of its new tablet computer, and its choice of publicity strategies are factors likely to affect the course of this relationship.

The existence of this issue, in essence, begs the following questions: Should Microsoft have followed its strategy of developing Surface into an officially branded product? Or should it have stuck to Google’s model with the Nexus Android smart phones, that is, to turn Surface into a “standard platform” for other companies to use?

Trendinsider knows that the OEM maker of Surface is Pegatron, based in Taiwan. The total shipments of Surface should be more than 3M in this year. If the number is correct, Microsoft seems drive the Surface power into the crossroad, how about the other Windows tablet makers think?

The Smartphone Market Who will Dominate

18 Apr

With T-Mobile G1 back in 2008, Android entered the Smartphone market making it highly anticipated for some while making no difference for others. Later on in fall 2009, the turbocharger was introduced. Fierce Wireless has been tracking and charting the progress of Palm, Microsoft, Apple, and Android right since September 2009 and until February 2011.

If we go by this chart, the Palm was at fewer than 10% in the beginning. The Palms market share continued to decline in spite of the fact that it was getting many carriers including Verizon. At present, it is as low as 5% of total market. Fierce Wireless2 depicted Microsoft at third place in the beginning with over 20% market share. This can be attributable to the launch of Windows Mobile 6.5 at that time. Currently it is at 7% to 8% range. Similarly, Apple interestingly started at 25% and continues to maintain at that. The market leader Rim with over 40% in 2009 had declined to about 27% currently. Android has grown from 5% to 33% over the same period.

Some reports project that by 2015 Microsoft’s platform will grab the second slot while Android will continue to remain at top considering several variables in this projection.