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IDC Reports Flat Smartphone Shipments, Samsung Extends Lead Over Apple

29 Apr

By Mir Juned Hussain, The Tech Portal

Apple’s smartphone sales have gone down, and that has been pretty much evident from the disaster that happened day before. Evidently, the same applies for most mobile makers in the market. According to an analysis by IDC, smartphone sales this quarter have risen by just 0.2 percent from the 334.3 million units in Q1 2015. (more…)

Samsung SDI invests 200 billion won for polarizer plant in China’s Wuxi

28 May

Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of Samsung Group, announced recently to establish a new polarizer film facility in Wuxi, China, with a budget of 200 billion Korean won (US$180.2 million) and an estimated production of 20 to 30 million units of 48-inch LCD TVs per year. (more…)

Samsung’s Iron Man-Themed Galaxy S6 Edge is Out Now, But Only In Korea, HongKong And China

27 May

News source: Rahul Punyani, The Tech Portal

While we already knew this one was on its way, Samsung has finally pulled the sheets off its Galaxy S6 edge Iron Man Limited Edition in a tie up with Marvel. However, what may come as a serious setback, is the fact that the limited edition piece is launching only in Korea, China and HongKong as of now, with no US, Europe or India launch. (more…)

Coolpad Rises to Top of China’s LTE Smartphone Market in May, Beats Samsung and Apple

19 Jun

According to the latest research figures published by SINO, a global market research firm, the smartphone manufacturers that earned the highest market share in China’s TD-LTE smartphone market during May, 2014, are: Coolpad (23.1%); Samsung (18.8%); Apple (15.7%); Lenovo (10.7%); OPPO (6.3%); K-Touch (5.7%); Huawei (4.3%); ZTE (3.4%); Hisense (2.0%); and BBK (1.9%). (more…)