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GTAT Insolvency Marks Uncertain Future for Sapphire Cover Glass, says TrendForce

7 Oct

U.S. sapphire furnace and sapphire manufacturer GTAT, the primary sapphire supplier to Apple, filed for bankruptcy on October 6. As of September 29, GTAT reported having US $85 million in cash. Under the US$578 million multi-year agreement GTAT and Apple signed last November, GTAT must supply a certain volume of sapphire ingots to Apple while Apple was to pay GTAT in four installments with the final $139 million payment scheduled for the end of October. But low sapphire yield rates have made Apple withhold the last payment. Additionally, GTAT lost an American Arbitration Association (AAA) lawsuit against Taiwanese sapphire manufacturer Tera Xtal Technology in August. AAA ruled GTAT should return payment totaling $ 24 million for faulty sapphire crystal growth furnaces, which greatly strained the firm’s finances. (more…)

Kyocera Releases Sapphire-Screen Smartphones Earlier than Apple

6 Aug

Apple’s soon-to-be-released iPhone 6 is reportedly equipped with sapphire display. However, Japanese cellphone maker Kyocera, which has a pretty good market share in the U.S., unveiled its sapphire-screen“Brigadier”smartphone before the new iPhone hits the market. (more…)

With Uncertainty over Sapphire Screen, Corning’s Stock Might Have Fallen for Nothing

1 Aug

Corning Incorporated, American manufacturer of specialty glass, released a weak earnings report July 29 on the slower tablet and smartphones demand and the possibility that Apple and Samsung might ditch glass screen and for sapphire screen. (more…)