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New and Improved Amazon Kindle Fire to be Released in August

28 Jun

Now that Google has put everyone’s suspicion to rest with the announcement of its $199 Nexus 7 tablet (along with its confirmed July release date), we shift our attention to the other highly anticipated technological device: Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2. Next to Apple’s rumored mini-iPad, the next iteration of Amazon’s Kindle Fire might just be one of the few major contenders capable of competing against Google’s 7-inch tablet.

While no concrete details are revealed as of yet, Amazon’s recent production order placements suggest that the new Kindle Fire will be released at sometime during August of 2012. Like its predecessor, Kindle Fire 2 is expected to utilize both Amazon’s unique, personal interface and Android’s operating system, and will likely introduce a good variety of software options allowing users the freedom to customize the device as they see fit.

While Amazon’s first generation Kindle Fire features impressive hardware capabilities for its size, the tablet’s affordable $199 retail price is arguably what made it such a popular consumer choice upon its release. The tablet’s flexible operating system, which can be modified to enable the use of cross-platform applications like Google Play (formerly known as the “Android Market”), has been considered another one of its major strengths. Given that sales of the first Kindle Fire tablet, coming into 2012, are beginning to show signs of decline, Amazon faces the challenge of implementing just enough tweaks for the Kindle Fire 2 to stimulate, as well as maintain, public interest in its device.

What we can reasonably expect to see from Amazon’s Kindle Fire 2, hence, are a number of dramatic changes—for instance, a significantly improved battery life and a much more powerful processor. With about only a month until its release, it will be exciting to see just how Amazon’s new Kindle Fire will fare against Google’s Nexus 7.

According to TrendInsider’s source, Amazon Kindle Fire 2 will lunch 7 inch model first, the shipments in Q3’2012 will be more than 2 million units. The another 8.9 inch model, will not lunch so fast, or even suspend.

What tablets can learn from iPods

13 Apr


It is safe to say that the iPad, like the iPod has become another runaway hit.

Both products were not the first of their kind. Competitors have been making portable music players and hand-held tablets for years. What really sets Apple apart this time around is its past experience with the iPod, which dominated portable electronics for nearly 10 years at the iPad launch.

By first creating iOS, the iPod, iTunes, and the app store; the decade leading up to the iPad has laid an unbeatable foundation. This sort of effort has never really been seen and any competitor will have to appreciate that the iPad is much more then a tablet.

The iPod strategy was a bluff, relying on slick design and the advent of legal digital downloads. To knock out the iPad, you will need more then better specs and price points. You’re going to have to take the time and put in the work.

According to TrendForce, Sales of Tablet and Notebook accounted for 18.1% increase year over year of Mobile PC Shipments

31 Mar

Figure-1: Markets Driving Tablet, NB(Notebook), DT(Desktop) Growth


According to surveys conducted by TrendForce, notebook demand is likely to be repressed by the considerable surge of the tablet shipments, the shipments of notebook (netbook included) will only be 208 million units, a mere 7.3% YoY increase. In addition, the shipment of netbook will decrease 25% from last year, with an estimating 25 million units. On the other hand, tablet shipment will surge to 39.5 million units with a 152.4% increase YOY.

Notebook market is being heavily cannibalized by tablets. The total shipment of Mobile PC in 2011 were expected to advance to 247.5 million in 2011 with an 18.1% increase year over year, sustaining an approximately 20% of growth as previous years.

Figure-2: 2010-2011 Mobile PC shipment





NB(netbook included)










Tablet PC





NB(netbook included)+ Tablet PC





Source: TrendForce, Mar., 2011